Sunday, 16 January 2011

DJ Queen Jessie Lohan

It was only this weekend that I realized how big of an influence the movie The Parent Trap has had on my life. Definitely, the reason I first went to summer camp... and look where thats led me. Also more than likely the reason I took up fencing once I got to said summer camp and again, look where thats gotten me, ok so not far- but now I find myself  far away in london and I can't help the movie soundtrack from playing in my head as I too feel the awe of the city that young lindsay lohan felt when she first arrived here with her birth mom.   Subconsciously, I think that scene where she is the back of a cab and "Here Comes the Sun" plays as she passes the major sites could be a major factor in my decision to come to London. But despite my latest  posts, I'm going to try to not follow in Lindsay's more recent footsteps... and promise to make 3AM  club nights only an occasional occurrence.

On Thursday all the University of Westminster International Students were invited on a booze cruise (sorry that was my alter ego lindsay typing), boat cruise on the River Thames (I try to avoid ever saying that word because I know i'll get it wrong... i found myself saying "are you guys going on the boat on the river" then producing a short  cough, most of the time by the time I was done with my fake cough the person I was speaking to had filled in the blanks with the correct pronunciation) It was kind of a rainy night but still fun to see some the sights along the river.. and I didn't even get sea sick,  looks like the throwing up to make a first impression phase has passed in my life. wahoo!

Friday, I went shopping with Christina on Oxford Street and back to her place in Harrow- where she treated me to a delectable salad of iceberg lettuce, deli meat chicken, peanuts, olive oil and sea salt. I think cooking with her is going to expand my taste buds considerably... That night we parted ways and I went out with a few girls from my flat around our neighborhood, which is hip and happening at night. Every DJ i've heard hear has been great, and I don't mean great to like the usual standards of great music, but great to like DJ Trash standards- im talking lil romeo, ace of the base, mariah .. its like they went into my itunes and stole all my most recently played hits! Maybe I'll look into a DJ gig while i'm here.. it's about time my beatz went live!

Saturday, I woke up early and met up with Scott and Lucy and her flat mates to spend the day as a tourist. We started at the Tower Bridge and Tower of London. We saw some really cool historical exhibits (Tudors fans, you would have loved it) including torture chambers and ancient armor.  My favorite part by far was going into the chamber (no phones or cameras) where the crown jewels are on display- so so cool. You stand on a moving escalator to view them and I understand why ... I could spent hours gawking at all the gems. New life ambition: become the queen. Seriously, that bitch has it all. I think my American Studies degree will set me up nicely for that position.... Kate Middleton- watch out! After leaving the Tower of London with diamonds in our eyes (and the soles of our shoes) we headed to St. James Park where we saw some huge birds who honestly scared me quite a bit.. my favorite moment was the possibly intoxicated man who knelt down to one of the ungodly large geese and said "the queen owns you, you know belong to the queen" he then started shouting to other birds "she owns you too.. and you!" Case in point to previous statement, the queen has it all, even massive birds. We then headed to Buckingham Palace where there was an unfortunate lack of guards- (I was positive I was going to make them crack a smile with my "duck buys some chapstick  and tells the cashier sorry i don't have cash...just put it on my bill) We then walked to Westminster Abbey and saw Big Ben and the London Eye and took the requisite tourist photos in front of a double decker bus and in a phonebooth (which judging by the smell I'm guessing are no longer used for phone calls so much as urinals?). We tried to get tickets for a show at the National Theatre but they were all sold out so we settled for mexican food and a movie (love and other drugs... cute, jake glleynhaals cuter). I then met up for some twilight ice skating with Jack and Christina outside of the Sommerset House Art Gallery (think Rockefellor Center except surrounded by a beautiful old building and with a live DJ!) It was a lot of fun and it was the first time I had ever skated outside of Minnesota, so where as usually I'm by far the worst one on the rink I was actually pretty good compared to these city folk- I didn't fall once!

Christina and I again tried to navigate the night bus system home from the rink but with a little less luck then last time. I got worried when the bus said it was on a diversion and had us hop off- putting us on a diversion instead. Luckily, a very small bald headed man in full tuxedo (think midget Daddy Warbucks) appeared walking down the sidewalk and was able to offer some drunken guidance (not to mention entertainment.) We finally made our way back to my flat, treated ourselves to some "Tennessee Fried Chicken" located just a few steps away from my door and called it a night.

Today, we went to the Brick Lane Market which is a Sunday market just about a 10 min walk away from my flat. It was awesome- tons of vintage clothes, junk, and ethnic food (three of my favorite things!) I was too overwhelmed by the amount of money I've spent already to purchase some vintage finds but I did allow myself to  buy  a plate of delicious, delicious pad thai- yep, believe it or not- even better than big bowl. I have a feeling Brick Lane will become a Sunday Tradition. Visitors prepare! Speaking of... don't you think its about time to book your ticket? (kenzie just did!)

Well, i'm off to pick out my first day of school outfit (goodwill sweater A or B??) I'll report back how it goes!


  1. sweater B!! how have you just started school that is ridiculous! good luck with classes JG.

  2. You would have a Lindsay Lohan alter ego.