Thursday, 3 February 2011

mimes, futbol, urination

Its been quite awhile since i've posted, I apologize and will try to give you the readers digest version of my past week.
Some highlights:

The International Mime Festival is currently taking place in london and last tuesday some friends and I decided it would be fun to get tickets to go see one of the performances. I was expecting some white face guy pretending to be trapped in a box action-- but what I got was much different. It started out relatively normal, two mimes in a corporate setting and it was kind of like watching an episode of "the office" on mute, but things took a strange turn fast-- the mimes ended up having sex in a trashcan, puppets of various forest animals emerged, it ended with the pair getting attacked by a bear covered in blood and the office set collapsing over revealing a full forest scene. Oh, and at one point one the characters stuffed an entire tv dinner in their mouth and I stepped on it leaving the "theater" where this all took place. Yep, it really as weird as it sounds-- i guess it was some sort of avant garde mime critique of capitalism-- but coming from the girl who thought that george orwell's "animal farm" was just a sad novel about some animals... it was way over my head.

Taylor arrived on Thursday morning! She is the first of many visitors to come my way this semester and we really had a good time and I'm looking forward to everyone to come-- have you bought your ticket yet? On Friday, we had a little Foley reunion in Camden and met Jack, Christina and Sarah and Peter, a former counselor and camper for thirfting and dinner. The thift stores were SO good, so much stuff i desired! I swear that at one of them, someone had just picked thru midwest goodwills for the best finds and brought them to london and jacked up the prices, I found a great Minnestoa "the north star state" sweatshirt, Taylor got a Cardinals world series one and there was even an Eden Prairie Band sweatshirt- we passed on that one hoping that some londoner would pick it up thinking they had stumbled upon some really edgy find. At one point we wanted to get a picture all together ( and apparently Christina decided that the man peeing all over the sidewalk was the best man for the job (keep in mind this was a very busy street with plenty of non urinating people) so needless to say we had a few good laughs about Christinas "artistic eye." Public urination seems to be more acceptable here, and even encouraged- when I first moved into my flat I noticed a cool modern "sculpture" in the courtyard, only later to learn it was actually an outside urination troft. yum.

Saturday we went to Notting Hill (sadly, no Hugh Grant sightings) to the Portobello Road Antique Market. Notting Hill is splendid and we enjoyed browsing the goods (animals in suits!) despite the cold wind. We warmed up with a nice cup of tea and people watching before we headed to Harrow and I finally got to go to a real sized supermarket (all the ones by me are tiny tiny)!

Sunday, we woke up early and met Jack at Emrites stadium for an Aresenal soccer  futbol game- it was a really awesome experience- 60,000 fans chanting hilarious songs and cheers and a great game, Aresenal won 2-1! Plus we sat next to the most adorable british kids and even got to witness a fight (green street hooligan style). After the game we met Jack's uncle and his friends at a pub to discuss the match, although we weren't able to contribute much to the conversation, we felt like a real locals sipping on our pints celebrating the win!

Taylor left on Monday- and it was back to class for me. My classes are shaping up nicely, although I still struggle a bit with the whole 3 hour long lecture thing. In my American history class focusing on race its pretty fascinating to hear the british students perspectives of the U.S. I held my tongue the other day when one student kept calling "mississippi" "massachusetts" by accident, because its not like i'm a pro at the geography over here either. Tuesday was my free day and I went had delicious indian food on brick lane, saw the movie the King's Speech (really enjoyed it), and found a fro-yo place (wahooo). Yesterday I had creative writing and did some more exploring/ thrifting around my neighborhood and today I had my Art History class and we took a trip to the National Gallery which was great.

and now off to sleep before my final class tomorrow morning, and then the weekend! cheeeeeerio mates! here are some pics:
me, jack, tay at thai food in camden

the urine foley shot

outside the stadium! 

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